BINGHAM, Kathleen 2010


Kathleen is a family lawyer based in Hamilton, Ontario who is dedicated to finding efficient solutions for her clients when there is a transition within a family or relationship.


Having practiced exclusively family law since 2011, Kathleen has distinguished herself as an assertive yet collaborative advocate. Kathleen is designated as a Certified Specialist (Family Law) by the Law Society of Ontario. Kathleen has experience representing clients through litigation (motions, trials and appeals), negotiation, mediation, and collaborative family law. Kathleen is also an accredited Family and Child Protection Mediator. Kathleen assists:

  1. Individuals who are separating from or divorcing their spouses;
  2. Parents. caregivers or family members who are involved in a court proceeding with a Children’s Aid Society;
  3. Individuals who are getting married or moving in together who want to have an agreement about what happens if they separate; and
  4. Individuals who require legal assistance relating to separation, child and/or spousal support, division of property, divorce and adoption.

In addition to representing adult clients, Kathleen advocates for children as a panel member of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.


For more information about Kathleen’s mediation services, please visit the Mediation page.


At Bingham Law, the wellbeing of you and your loved ones is our priority. Learn more about Kathleen. 


Contact Kathleen

Sending a message does not create a lawyer/client relationship. Kathleen is not retained until you have signed a Retainer Agreement with her office. Please do not send confidential information. Our office will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.


Bingham Law offers family law services to clients in the Greater Hamilton Area. At any stage of the process, Kathleen Bingham is a trusted professional who is committed to working with you towards a solution.

Unless specified, all services are billed at Kathleen’s hourly rate of $300.00+HST and a financial retainer is required. Kathleen does accept Legal Aid Certificates.


This is a chance to meet with Kathleen to discuss your situation and to learn about your options. An initial consultation costs $150.00 including HST, unless you have a valid Legal Aid Ontario Certificate. Payment is required prior to the appointment.

Out of Court Resolutions

There are several processes to resolve issues out of Court. Kathleen will represent clients during the process and will draft or review a separation agreement, cohabitation agreement or marriage contract.

Court representation

Kathleen represents clients at all stages of a court proceeding. This includes clients who are in court trying to resolve parenting, support or property issues, or clients who have a matter against a Children’s Aid Society.

Mediation is a voluntary and private way to settle your family law matters out of court. During the process, former spouses work with a neutral family law mediator to negotiate a resolution.

Early Neutral Consultation

A joint meeting with both spouses to discuss process, options and legal issues. An early Neutral Consultation costs $250.00. Payment is required prior to the appointment.

Collaborative Family Law

Kathleen will represent you in a collaborative process. Issues can include parenting, support, property or other related issues.

Services for Lawyers

Kathleen will assist with legal research and document preparation, including facta. Services are billed at the Legal Aid Ontario rate or an agreed upon private hourly rate.


Kathleen will provide legal advice when a child is being adopted or placed for adoption.


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